Holy Cow! I Remember Rose of Sharon!

I know that bloom!
I know that bloom!

Just a quick post before work this morning.

I was listening to Jack Spirko on Sunday night take a call from a listener with a problem nearly identical to one we’re having here on our property, namely, chemical and pesticide runoff from a neighbor’s yard. I think that’s contributed to the devil of a time my wolfberries (Goji) and currants have had in this spot in the yard along the fence line under the Back Walnut tree.

I was really happy to hear that one of Jack’s suggestions was something I’d already anticipated, namely a raised berm just inside the perimeter to help get those plants up and off the ground level where the chemicals enter the soil. Jack still recommended planting the berm with useful non-edibles including Rose of Sharon, which hummingbirds adore on his property. Well, I didn’t think I knew what  Rose of Sharon plant is, but a quick web search showed me otherwise!

I know those buds! Rose of Sharon Flower Buds by night!
I know those buds! Rose of Sharon Flower Buds by night!

My mom has several of these in the yard at our family home and I immediately remembered their color, shape, and these cool pods that I would pick and use as “bullets” when playing as a kid. What’s more, I remembered seeing a flower that looked like this just the other day in the undergrowth on the side of our driveway! It was after dark when all this happened,  but I would not be deterred! I turned on my iPhone flash and went out to confirm and, lo and behold, I saw those distinctive pods!

This is another instance where I am surprised by how many resources are already here on the property, things I still wouldn’t notice if I didn’t have new eyes to see them with. (Thanks, training and reading!)

Binging the web again turned up this GardenGuides article on propagating Rose of Sharon and now I have a new project!

Gardening is Great!


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