Slow Down Gardening

Felder's book on Amazon. Sadly, not yet available for Kindle. :(
Felder’s book on Amazon. Sadly, not yet available for Kindle. 😦

At Master Gardener College this year (my first) I was introduced to Felder Rushing, a force to be reckoned with in the MG World. A former Mississippi Extension agent (actually, founder of their program), he’s gone on to write a lot about not getting too hung up when gardening. I first (mis)heard his name in my Land Care Steward training and liked what I heard. When I found out he was our closing keynoter, I was even more excited!

Felder’s presentation was entertaining with lots of quips and wise bits, but more than anything else I saw he gave me a new appreciation for the garden as a place of just pleasant relaxation. Again and again he said the garden is a place to savor. This is damned pleasant.

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and to magnify them—“gardening land stewardship is a noble calling!”—but Felder reminded me that the whole reason I started going out to the yarden in the first place is because it feels good to be there.

I still want to be responsible while I’m out there, still want to practice restoration agriculture and permaculture, build food forests, amend the soil, be wildlife friendly, be sustainable, set an example, et al, but ultimately the yarden should be a damned pleasant place to be.

You can read more about Felder Rushing here, and about Slow Gardening here.

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