College Week!

Master Gardener College 2014 is this week!
Master Gardener College 2014 is this week!

* This was accidentally posted in the wrong place. (Wrong blog.) Here it is where it belongs!

I’m in The New River Valley the rest of the week attending Master Gardener College thanks to a scholarship from the Southside Master Gardeners Association!

I’m writing from my sister’s Cafe & Bakery this morning, but later this morning and Thursday I’m in intensive classes to become a VA Land Steward! It’s 9-5 lecture today, but tomorrow we go off campus for a “Management Through Fire” demo. Cool!

MG College proper starts Friday and the agenda, including my electives, will be:

  • Natures Sustainable System: A Gardener’s Primer to Understanding Flows, Cycles, and Succession
  • How Plants Got Their Stripes, Spits, and Blotches
  • How Do You Respond When Someone Asks You “So what?” 
  • Tree Biology Through the Seasons
  • Let’s Talk Firewise
  • How We Hurt the Trees We Love: A Caregivers Dilemma
  • Genetic Engineering: What It Is and How It Works
  • Work Smarter Not Harder—Weed Management
  • Land Care: What Can You Do Now? 
  • Slow Gardening: How We Fit OURSELVES In With It All

So that’s the plan, and we start in 30 minutes! More to come, especially on my Instagram—follow @bencapozzi for more!

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